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1:1 Training Sessions

Our 1:1 training sessions are built for you and your dog to work on what is needed most for your situation. Common issues addressed are impulse control, leash walking, and coping skills for anxieties and new situations. We are happy to train in the environment that is a challenge such as neighborhood walks, work/school environments, and our own facility with other dogs.

$35  |  hour session

Bethany Anderson, Unleashed Trainer, working with
Cocoa and her mom on focus and calm. 

Puppy Play & Train Courses

Learn puppy basic manners through play. This class is for puppies ages 4mo-18mo. During this 5-week course, your puppy will learn polite interactions with both people and other dogs. They will learn how to ask another puppy to play, their basic commands from you, leash walking, and appropriate responses to different stimuli in their environments. Please join us for play, socializing, fun, and learning! Call for schedule.

$75  |  5 one-hour sessions

An effective training program is as unique as your dog. Call us to discuss what training will be the best fit for your pup and make a reservation. Young or old, we train them all.

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