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Foods that are harmful and/or toxic to dogs

Summer is right around the corner and you'll have more time to spend on your pets!

Here's a list of harmful and/or toxic foods for dogs

  1. Onions/Garlic: These contain a toxic ingredient called Thiosulphate. This is a toxin that can build up in the system as a poison. In large doses it can be fatal.

  2. Chocolate: Theobromine: compound that is a cardiac stimulant and a diuretic.

  3. Grapes: Unknown substance: Affects canine's kidneys

  4. Raisins: Same as Grapes

  5. Most fruit pits and seeds: Cyanogenic Glycosides: results in cyanide poisoning

  6. Macadamia Nuts: Unknown substance toxic to dogs

  7. Bones/Rawhide Treats: Potential to splinter and cause laceration of the digestive system and/or can become lodged in your pet's throat

  8. Potato Peelings/Green Potatoes & Green Tomatoes/Rhubarb Leaves: Contains Oxalates, which can affect the digestive, nervous and urinary systems

  9. Yeast Dough: produce gas and swell in your pet's stomach, leading to rupture of the digestive system

  10. Broccoli: Large quantities toxic

  11. Coffee, Coffee Grounds, Tea, Soft Drinks: Dangerous due to the caffeine

  12. Beer/Wine/Alcohol: Could lead to coma or death

  13. Human Vitamins: Iron especially can cause damage to the lining of the digestive system as well as cause kidney and liver damage

  14. Moldy/Spoiled Food: ( I think this goes without saying)

  15. Persimmons: Intestinal Blockage

  16. Raw Eggs/Raw Fish: May cause salmonella poisoning

  17. Salt, Baking soda, Baking powder: In large amounts these can cause an electrolyte imbalance--severe electrolyte imbalances can lead to muscle spasm or even congestive heart failure

  18. Mushrooms: Contain toxins which could cause liver and kidney damage

  19. Sugar Free Foods: Xylitol has been found to cause liver failure in some dogs

  20. Nutmeg: can cause tremors, seizures, and central nervous system damage

  21. Excessive Fatty Foods: Can cause Pancreatitis

  22. Avocado: All parts are toxic to dogs

  23. Dairy Products-Normally dairy products don't pose a threat, but many have high fat content and many are lactose intolerant-some pets more than others. Lactose intolerance leads to gas and diarrhea, although small amounts of yogurt and cheese are usually fairly well tolerated.

-Jen( got this from a pet md website)

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