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Schooled on Socialization!

What does it mean when we ask is your dog socialized?

Socialization: Basically how does your dog do in a new environment? Will your dog react positive to new stimuli? Smells, sounds, textures, sights, animals, experiences and people are all part of the socialization experience. Usually dogs that have been socialized have no problem coming to daycare.

We usually ask the level of socialization your dog has had before bringing them to daycare. There is a reason behind our line of questions. We want your dog to have a positive, safe day at Unleashed.

If your dog has had zero socialization of any kind, that is a red flag to us to take it really slow and gage your pup's reactions. They may be just fine and adapt to the situation, or they may react negatively. We want pups to play with each other and have fun, but we also want it in a relaxed and low stress environment.

If your dog has had to little to no socialization we will usually recommend other daycares that have kennels. This is for safety reasons. A dog that has not experienced positive interactions in different settings usually ends up being fearful, nervous, insecure, reactive and unfortunately aggressive.

Here's an article on what to do if your dog is not socialized:


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