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Sundays at the Park: Unleashed

I was trying to think of a way to experiment and see if people are actually interested in an indoor dog park experience.

Eureka! Sundays at the Park! I thought about having the public in, but that would take a lot more work and money that we just can't afford right now.

Our clients have already been temperament tested and approved. They know the environment and the other dogs and what to expect, why not just have a free park day?

That's when Sundays at the Park was born.

I wanted to offer a safer alternative to the outdoor public dog park and have our pet parents meet!

You have to be present with your dog, clean up after them etc., but they can play with their friends, you can just drop by anytime between 9-5. How fun is that?

Two dogs, one treat, I can see if there's interest in an indoor dog park concept and your dog can get some exercise on a Sunday! A member of our staff will be on site if you have any questions.

Sundays at the Park will run from March 3rd-May 5th.


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