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When do I neuter my male dog?

I found the article above a good read.

At daycare our policy states dogs that are 12 months or older must be neutered to play at Unleashed. If it is in the best interests of your dog to be neutered at 2 years, that's between you and your veterinarian to decide. (but we won't allow daycare) In tact males bring out the sides of our dogs that we don't want to see, especially at daycare. Dogs tend to mark their territory more and hump A LOT, sometimes aggressively biting the other dog. These behaviors are unwanted at daycare.

Dogs tend to concentrate more on procreation rather than having fun. We do have some intact dogs, but they are all under the age of 12 months. We have had to limit daycare visits for some puppies around the age of 8-10 months because of their increased libido. This in no way means you have a bad dog. This just means for safety's sake, we cannot handle your dog's inherent instinct to make babies. We just ask that you bring your dog in at a later date, after neutering. Some puppies revert back to their puppy state, and remain those fun loving puppies forever and others personality change to more docile.

Side note: We haven't experienced the domination in females as much as we have with males. In females, when they go into heat, it makes not only males crazy, but the females as well.

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