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  • Can I make a reservation online?
    We prefer it! We want to encourage you to make a reservation online using our app.
  • Why does my dog have to be spayed/neutered by 1 year?
    At Unleashed, we respect your decision to keep your dog intact. Our policies are designed solely for the safety of the pack, not to pass judgement. Intact dogs are not always a good match for an open play environment such as doggy daycare. Having intact dogs means that they are likely to impregnate other dogs or get impregnated. They are a lot more likely to hump around other dogs that they haven't been exposed to. While we don't discourage pet parents from keeping their dogs intact, we do require that they are spayed/neutered by 12 months of age in order to ensure that they are safer in our environment. For information on whether spaying/neutering is right for your dog, talk to your local veterinarian.
  • What is your refund policy?
    We have a zero refund policy. We are holding your spot for you whether you show up on time, late or not at all. Your deposit guarantees your reservation.
  • How many dogs are in the daycare group?
    Our daycare group sizes vary significantly from day to day. We break our packs into groups based on size, temperament, and play activity to ensure that everyone has a fun and safe time! Our staff match dogs into groups as they arrive daily, allowing your pup to tell us how they feel that day and where they would have the most fun. The maximum dogs we allow at one time is 20 with a 1:10 ratio of human:dogs.
  • How does the temperament test work?
    Participation in daycare at Unleashed is contingent on passing a temperament test. (temp test) When you bring your dog for their temp. test, we ask that you stay for the first 15 minutes then we will determine what needs to happen next. Upon arrival, it is likely that your dog will be overly excited or anxious at their new surroundings, so we usually recommend an additional scheduled half day of daycare. Keep in mind that our staff is trained to pick up on all of your dog's cues: breathing, body language, sounds, etc. While most dogs are able to pass the temp test, not everyone makes it through. This in NO way implies that you have an aggressive or antisocial pup. This simply means that they were unable to adapt to these specific surroundings in a way that our staff (and your pup) was comfortable with.
  • Do the dogs ever get to take a break?
    Absolutely! While some of our pups can run all day, we have others that burn out a little earlier. Our staff are trained to watch for cues from your dog that let us know when they have had enough. We're happy to separate dogs from the group for a few minutes to a few hours to ensure that they get the rest they need and thoroughly enjoy their time in the pack. In addition, we have mandatory nap time between 1-2pm where we soften the lights, turn on quiet music and get everyone snuggled in and relaxed.
  • Is there a lot of noise and barking?
    Surprisingly, no. Barking is reserved for the welcoming committees at the front door when new friends arrive and leave and the occasional over spirited game of chase.
  • Can I see what my dog is doing in daycare?
    Yes! We offer live webcams to see what your pup is up to! Please visit our home page!
  • My dog didn't pass the temp test, but they are around other dogs all the time! What happened?
    Don't worry! There is nothing wrong with your dog! Not every dog is cut out for daycare in this setting. And there are SO many factors that contribute to this. Your pup may only play well with others when you are present. They might prefer a familiar space to this one. They might be intimidated by the size of the pack. Much like children, dogs act very differently in front of their parents than they do when left to their own means. Unfortunately, they can't always tell us how they feel or what they want. Because of this, some dogs just don't adapt to the pack.
  • My dog was in an altercation! How did this happen?
    Just like children playing on the playgrounds whether in daycare or school, they can get hurt from time to time. Dogs playing with each other can get hurt too. Dogs play with their mouths and paws and like to wrestle on the ground with each other. Because we constantly monitor our play areas, injuries are rare. If injuries do occur, you (not Unleashed) are responsible for any medical expenses for your dog, as you would be for a child. You need to be sure that you are comfortable with this before booking your dog for a stay.
  • I've made a reservation and was wait listed, but I really need care for my dog, what do I do?
    Unleashed prides itself on maintaining a safe environment. We want your dog to have a positive, stress free stay. Because of this, we limit our capacity to 15 dogs per day. This allows us to keep the dog-to-staff ratio low, eliminates crowding during group play, and gives staff enough time to properly clean the facility. Due to our low capacity, on any given day, we have a wait list. Our suggestion: Make your reservation at least 1 week in advance, prepay, and your spot is ensured whether you show up on time, late or not at all. If you choose not to prepay, and you don't show up by your reserved time, your reservation will be canceled and you lose your spot for the day. We do not "hold" reservations without a deposit. *Please note: Even if you cancel or don't show up, your prepay is not refundable. * If you are wait listed, please call/text us. Sometimes, we are able to fit your dog in depending on their playstyle.
  • Do you ever reach maximum capacity?
    Yes! We recommend that you make your reservation a week in advance. While we often fill up, it is still possible that we may be able to accommodate last minute clients, so please don't hesitate to give us a text/message.
  • I canceled my reservation but didn't receive a refund, why is that?
    Because we have limited availability, we have a no refund policy. Even if you cancel your reservation, we keep the deposit. Your deposit holds your reservation whether you show up on time, are late, don't show up or cancel.
  • What is Enrichment Daycare vs regular daycare?
    We offer enrichment filled daycare for your dog. This means we have special art projects that benefit local charities and free training scheduled each month. You can choose to have your dog participate in the art projects, but we provide training for all of our clients. The training is done in a group and adds to your training you have already done for your dog. We just want to make sure we meet all of your dogs needs, mental and physical. Follow us on social media: Facebook and Instagram for more information.
  • What vaccinations are required?
    At Unleashed the safety of our dogs come first. In order to provide a safe and healthy environment for our dogs, we require all to provide proof of current vaccinations. This includes Bordetella, Parvo/Distemper and Rabies. We do not accept titers tests or dogs that cannot receive these vaccinations.
  • Do I need to put down a deposit?
    All Deposits are nonrefundable. Daycare: Non refundable deposits are not required, but are suggested. If you put down a deposit, this holds your reservation and you are confirmed whether you show up on time, late, not at all or cancel. Boarding: Non refundable deposit required and is due at the time of creating reservation. This deposit is put toward your final total. In-Home Visits: Nonrefundable deposit is required and due at the time of creating reservation. This deposit is put toward your visit.
  • What is your refund policy?
    We have a zero refund policy. Your deposit holds your reservation whether you show up on time, late, not at all or cancel.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    You can cancel at anytime, but please note we have a zero refund policy. Your deposit ensures your dog has a spot whether you show up on time, are late, don't show up at all or cancel. There is no hidden fee for cancellations.
  • Can I come tour the facility?
    Absolutely! We do ask that you leave your furry friends at home, but you may pop in anytime during normal business hours with the exception of naptime from 1-2pm.
  • What are your business hours?
    We are open from 8:30a-6p Monday-Friday
  • What is the process to get my dog signed up?
    We are currently accepting new clients for daycare. The process is done in 5 steps. Visit our home page, click sign up, download our app. Create a profile for both you and your pet Upload current vaccinations: We require Distemper/Parvo, Rabies and Bordetella Sign our liability agreements Create a temperament test appointment for daycare in our facility
  • I've tried calling, but only get voicemail, how else can I communicate?
    We do attempt to answer every phone call, but due to the influx of dogs in our community we are extremely busy. We have a few other forms of communication: Feel free to leave us a voicemail, or you can text 406.926.1477. Send us a message through your paw partner account. Send us an email message at Send us a message using Facebook, Instagram or Google The easiest way to get a hold of us is by text or email.
  • Do you offer work experience?
    We do! We have worked with a few local companies offering work experience. We are extremely flexible with your schedule. Email the owner at for more information.
  • Are you hiring?
    We are hiring. If you are interested in working for Unleashed, please send an email to describing why you think you would be a great member of our team! Please include a cover letter, resume and at least 3 references who are unrelated to you. Our current shifts we are hiring for are:
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