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Signature Care

We have a new rate going into effect on July 1st. Boarding is now 99$/24 hours. This includes daycare, boarding and our signature all inclusive care.

We take extra special care of your dog, with no ala carte items, or hidden fees. We don’t just put them in a kennel, and leave. We provide comfort all day and night plus you can watch your dog's day on our live web feed.

Our main goal is that your dog has a stress free positive stay. Unleashed staff members take the time to make sure all clients' needs are met. Even if that means we sit down and hand feed entire meals. Our time is well spent when your pup is well cared for.

Unleashed is not a traditional boarding facility. We have slumber parties and personalize your pup's stay.

Let's be honest, our dogs have us trained, not the other way around. How many of you have your dogs sleep with you? The thought of my dog Molly being alone in a kennel overnight, breaks my heart.

Our pampered pups require a higher level of care, than being put in a kennel alone. Unleashed staff members are here 24/7 to offer a stress-free, positive stay.

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