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Naps at Unleashed

“My dog naps a lot while at daycare, I worry they won't be worn out”- Napping while at daycare is a wonderful thing! That means that your dog has learned how to let their body rest in an active environment. Just like toddlers, dogs need rest time during the day to help prevent crankiness later."

I found this statement when I googled: "why is my dog napping at daycare?"

Thought I would share with you why our furry friends need to take naps at daycare and at home and what signs to watch out for:

1.)Excessive Mouthing

When your puppy starts chewing on your hands, feet, or things they are not supposed to (socks, shoes, pillows, furniture) this may be a sign that they need a nap! This is not to be mistaken with curious mouthing/teething (checking out textures and mouth feel to relieve sore teeth) or play mouthing (puppy is easily redirected onto a toy). Excessive mouthing when tired is constant chewing and puppy does not respond to a consequence or a redirection to a toy.

2.)Excessive Activity When your puppy starts jumping on you, furniture, or starts zooming around without worrying about obstacles or personal space it may be a sign that your puppy needs to take a break! The puppy is unable to be redirected to a desirable behavior or settle down, even when being picked up and held. This should not be mistaken for excitement to stimuli, which the puppy can generally be redirected or distracted from using a treat or a toy.

3.)Excessive Barking

When your puppy starts barking, growling, or squeaking incessantly. This may be directed at a person or an object. When the barking is a result of being tired, the puppy will not respond to a redirected to do a desirable behavior. Excessive barking is generally paired with Excessive Mouthing and Excessive Activity.

We have nap time at daycare from 1-2pm and enforce it. No one is allowed to come or go, no drop offs, no pick ups. We lock the door and put a sign up to prevent anyone from disturbing nap time. It is a time to empty puppy brains as well as a lot of snuggle cuddle time from us with puppies. If you don't see your dog napping on the video, they might be in the office under my desk(that's the most sought after place), or sleeping in a comfy chair. Some dogs are crate trained and we put them in a crate where they can cuddle in and find rest.

Thanks for allowing us to take care of you furry babies! -Jen

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