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New Prices and Packages!

To my Fabulous, Wonderful Clients~

Effective December 01,2022 We have some price changes:


Military discount 10% across all services.

Half days (4 hours max) 25$

-For two or more dogs it will be a straight 15% discount.

Full days (4+ hours) 40$

-For two or more dogs it will be a straight 15% discount.

Boarding: $72/night

Daycare Packages (half days stayed the same)

Half day 10 225.00 10% discount

20 425.00 15% discount

Full day 10 360.00 10% discount

20 680.0015% discount

New Boarding Packages

7 days 478.80 5% discount

15 days 972.00 10% discount

30 days 1836.00 15% discount

90 days 5184.00 20% discount

Again, thank you for all your support these past couple years, I appreciate it!

Jennifer Haviland, Owner

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