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Pet Care Industry Standards

I've started researching pet care industry standards.

What I've found may shock you! I'm shocked.

I thought there were industry standards and a code of ethics in pet care. I was sorely mistaken. In the state of MT there are zero regulations involved in caring for pets in a daycare or boarding facility

Sure, there are regulations involved if you're a licensed breeding facility. (back yard hobbyists aren't included in any of the regulations-hence puppy mills, hoarding situations etc... )

But, if you run a commercial kennel/boarding/daycare facility in Montana, there are zero regulations. Anyone could open a "kennel" as long as the zoning requirements are met and even then I've been to facilities that are advertising their services that don't have a business license or the right zoning. Do they even care about your dog, or is your dog just a number?

I could drop Molly off completely ignorant of any rules/regulations and the facility could, without any remorse, leave her in a kennel the entire boarding time and not have to worry about repercussions from the "law"

I find this disgusting ,outrageous, unethical and downright terrifying!

I have recently found from various sources, that there are kennels operating within the city and county of Missoula that could care less that your dog(s) or cat(s) are in a kennel their entire reservation stays of either daycare or boarding. No fresh air, sunlight, or going outside, in fact a couple of these "dog care" facilities don't even clean the kennels.

Are you outraged yet?

I am devastated for the dogs staying in these facilities. Did you know that some of these facilities have been reported repeatedly by employees (anonymously) and the authorities have done nothing? Did you know that some of these facilities have had deaths and when questioned, act or respond in a way that shows zero remorse? It's because there are no regulations or rules governing boarding kennels in the state of MT.

I have started researching how to implement regulations in Montana for commercial kennels: daycare and boarding facilities.

I am currently waiting on replies from the Dept. of Agriculture, PETA and the ASPCA. If you are interested in what I am doing, or know how to get regulations created, don't hesitate to email me at


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