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When does Unleashed call the vet?

At Unleashed, we take the health and safety of your dog seriously. We are constantly on the lookout for body language or symptoms that might indicate your dog isn't feeling well. We are in constant communication with one another, whether it be text, calls or writing in our daily communication log.

One of the most common ailments we have seen in our boarding dogs is stress colitis. This condition could potentially be serious. The question is, how do we know? Generally, a dog that has 2-3 bouts of diarrhea due to stress colitis should be ok as long as we monitor for the next few hours. A small amount of bright red blood (a few drops or streaks) within the 2-3 hours of monitor time is also not a cause for panic.

However, if ANY of the following symptoms occur, we make a phone call and take your dog the vet. (Vomiting/Diarrhea together, any evidence that a dog ingested a foreign body, excessive drooling, extreme agitation, stress or lethargy, refusal to drink water, more than a teaspoon of blood in stool, bloated or tender tummy, restlessness or retching without vomit.) These symptoms could be signs of a serious condition such as bloat, poisoning, foreign body ingestion or intestinal blockage. If we are ever unsure, we call the vet right away.

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